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alt.alien.wanderers: Re: Aliens, will they prefer men or women. Roasted or fried?

Newsgroups: alt.alien, alt.alien.research, alt.alien.visitors, alt.alien.wanderers
Subject: Re: Aliens, will they prefer men or women. Roasted or fried?
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 03:43:23 GMT

Nothing like that, dude. The common knowledge is that they are extremely stunted in the genitalia area and have trouble making baby aliens. For that reason, they abduct humans, both male and female and use them as incubators, (so far this was only reported in the U.S. of A.). As to what teir mode of thinking is, it's extremely hard to say. They've been skulking around this planet for 40 odd years (if that's to be believed)and they still haven't made themselves public. If they think we are too dangerous for them (i.e. we'll whack them and display them among other stuffed trophies), why bother with us in the first place? Aliens thinking this may be their "Eden"? This is extremely interesting theory which will need to be discussed further.


In article , "Martin Willett" wrote:
When aliens finally make contact with us will they think like men, women, computers or something altogether different?

Men and women think very differently. I have always presumed that there is an objective truth out there somewhere, so I get to thinking whether rational aliens will get along better with men or women? Or will they just want to keep well way from all of us?

Can you imagine an alien? An intelligent being who was not sexually attracted to either men or women. A being that did not assume that a hairy head and less hairy body were attractive. A being that might be even more curious than I am about what human flesh tastes like, and can you eat the skin if it is roasted right?

Or perhaps an alien might be so disgusted by our habits, smell or appearance that they would not want to make contact.

Maybe aliens are even more sexually screwed up than we are. Perhaps they spend 50% of their waking hours having sexual fantasies. Or even 50% of their time having sex, it is quite possible from an evolutionary perspective, lions and bonobos are at it all the time.

Perhaps they have a different number of sexes.

Perhaps they think that *we* might abduct *them*.

Perhaps they have theories that life on their planet was created by beings from this planet.


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