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alt.alien.wanderers: Who is the Alien?

Newsgroups: alt.alien.wanderers
Subject: Who is the Alien?
From: (Uqair)
Date: 27 Jul 2000 06:20:36 GMT

Friends and Neighbors
Who is the Alien?
Let us begin by speaking about the concepts you have held on your planet regarding what you colloquially call extraterrestrials. Even before that, however, from another point of view allow us to delineate a time when we first discovered a civilization, one that had a life form upon it that was, to use our term, Essassani-ish. But instead of our average height of S feet, they ranged on an average from 5 to 6-1/2 feet. Whereas we exhibit generally overall white/ whitish-gray skin color, this civilization exhibited a wide range of colors. . . . Well, are you all catching on so far?


All right. This is to give you the perspective that, considered from other points of view, you yourselves are the aliens. Your world to many other civilizations is unknown, different, unusual, unique in many ways. There really is no need when considering us, or any other civilization, to think any more highly of us than you are willing to think of yourselves-for you are unique and different in your own way. You are just as valid an expression of a form of life as any other form of life that has chosen to express itself-in physical reality or in any other level of consciousness.

You are an alien civilization to us; we are an alien civilization to you. But on other levels we are the same. The way we choose to express that sameness is what creates the different societies; and it is that sameness that allows us the opportunity to create differ- ent expressions. It is because we all draw from the same source of Infinite Creation; it is because we are all the same type of soul, if you will, that we allow ourselves the opportunity to express our- selves in such a broad, diversified range of experience and life. Many of your years ago, any time your culture even thought of the idea of an extraterrestrial, you usually designed your aware- ness regarding what these extraterrestrials looked like to be some- thing quite different from your own human physical form. And from what we have observed, since you imbued in these non- human physical forms typically a certain degree of malevolence toward your society, you thus created these extraterrestrial forms to be terrorizing things. Now that you are beginning to change your attitudes and ideas about how other life forms can be experi- enced and possibly be encountered by you, you are beginning to think more in terms of your own human form. You have discov- ered that many of the interactions and contacts that have taken place more often than not seem to involve extraterrestrials who are human-ish, or humanoid in form.

There may be many individuals who say, "Well, why should this be so? Just because we might now think that extraterrestri- als may be friendly, as opposed to possessing a desire to consume us, does not necessarily mean that they must appear in humanoid form." And this is so. The reason basically why you are coming closer and closer to the reality wherein you can interact with ex- traterrestrial consciousness; the reason why you are now seeing many of these contacts take place between your form and forms that are not truly very dissimilar to your own, is because of the nature of reality, the nature of the universe. As we have discussed, everything is the product of different rates of frequency, and it is those different frequencies that deter- mine the material constructs designed and created out of the pri- mal energy. Therefore recognize that when any other civilizations -at least among the majority we have encountered- first begin to venture into space, first begin to realize that they may in fact encounter other forms of life, they usually at first encounter and attract those forms operating closest to their own frequency. And thus by definition those attracted usually reflect a similar physi- cal structure.

Bashar and The Association "Blueprint for Change"

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