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The Weird & Paranormal Banner Exchange!

Nothing yet, but here I will post important messages cocerning the banner exchange. That way all members will see them when coming to this page. If You have joined the exchange I suggest You bookmark this page if You haven't allready.

The banner exchange runs on the BannerPlus program originally written by Drummond Miles, and modifyed, especially for The Patrik Pages by me. It works about the same as any other banner exchange: On sign-up You get a codefragment to copy and paste onto your page. Everytime your page loads this will show a banner for:

• another members site
• the bannerexchange itself OR some other service supplied by The Patrik Pages (like my paranormal search engine, the Weird & Paranormal Web Ring etc.)
• an organisation OR company which I feel deserve the support
• a paying sponsor (I will try to keep these to a minimum, since this isn't about making money!)

The exchange ratio is 2:1 - For every 2 banners You show on your site somebody else shows your banner 1 time.

• This banner exchange is targeted at weird / paranormal / UFO / conspiracy / X files etc sites. Your site must have a theme similar to these to be allowed to join.
• Commercial sites are welcome - as long as they are ON TOPIC!
• ABSOLUTELY NO adult, xxx or hate sites!
• Banners MUST be 468x60 pixels, and filesize not bigger than 25kb!
• Member sites must display the banner on the same page as they signed up (= the same page as visitors come to when they click your banner). Acceptable exception is if You have a special entrance page. In this case You can put the bannercode on the page visitors come to when they enter the site.
• You can put banners on as many pages as You want to, but ONLY one of my banners on each page. (Frame sets counts as one page.) Of couse You can have as many OTHER banners as You please on the same page (including my "bannerswap" banner).
• You can put the banner most anywhere on the page as long as visitors will see it. (= NO hidden frames or selfreloading pages).
• You may NOT modify the bannercode or artificially inflate your banner stats.
• This is a FREE service. I can not be held responsible for unavalibility, malfunctions etc.
• I reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time. I also reserve the right to refuse memberships for any reason.
• Violations of these rules will terminate membership.
• Signing up for membership means You have agreed to these rules and are bound by them.

The BannerPlus program is freeware. It was written by Drummond Miles and can be downloaded for free at

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 BannerPlus is © G.A.D.Miles 1998. All Rights Reserved

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