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Swapping banners might help to increase traffic both for You and me, and let's face it: we all want lots and lots of visitors....

If You want to link to The Patrik Pages and You want me to link You back, just do it like this:

Copy and paste this code to your site:

<P ALIGN="center"><A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"></A></P>

Then use the form at the bottom of this page to tell me about it.
Your banner will be added to the banner pages, AND to my banner rotator (meaning it shows now and then on ANY page on my sites). It will stay as long as You keep my banner on your site.

Please let me know if You move your site. Otherwise I might remove your banner when finding your site isn't there anymore.

And please be patient - I will confirm your application as soon as possible, but it may take a couple of days. I run this site for fun, and I have a part time job and study computer science full time at the same time, so sometimes I get behind schedule. I also know from the past that sometimes servers go down and all sorts of problems occur (usually when I'm about to do major updates), but if You haven't heard from me in say two weeks, mail me. I could have gotten a bad adress in the form or something.


I DO reserve the right to refuse linking to a site if I don't like it. There are certain websites I do not want to promote, let alone see my banner on. This goes for xxx-sites, hatesites and sites promoting illegal activitys. If your website fits one of these categories, don't bother. If not - keep going!

Submit your site:
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Before you press this button, make sure your e-mail address is 100% correct.

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