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Last updated: Wednesday, 1-oct-97 12:52 GMT

Astrologist predicted princess Dianas death!!!

Tunis, Tunisia:

The tragic death of princess Diana and her fiancee in France came as a shock to most people, but Hassan Charni, tunisian astrologist, saw it coming. He predicted the accident last year when he stated that "princess Diana will die in a caraccident in 1997".
He is now getting a lot of credit for this prediction and among others the bolivian newspaper El Espectator has askt him for some news of the future. These are some of Charni's predictions:
  • Prince Charles will die in 2019. His and princess Dianas son William will mount the throne, and he will be the last king of Great Brittain.

  • Pope John Paul II will die in august next year.

  • There will be a major accident in a nuclear powerplant in 1999.

(sources: TT-Reuter/Aftonbladet)

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