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Last updated: Monday, 15-dec-97 12:52:00 GMT


Ekologists in Chile has issued a warning for huge and dangerous rats!
The rats, about 60 centimeters in lengt, has raided farmers warehouses on the outskirts of Santiago, and have now also started attacking pets and domestic animals. The attacks have mainly been on cats, dogs and chicken - but they have also killed and eaten of goats!
Coul'd this be the explanation of El Chupacabra - the goatsucker?
The idea really isn't that weird when You think about it. Previous explanations have ranged from fairytales (i. e. no chupacabras at all) to aliens from outer space, or the pets of aliens. Scientists have tried to prove that victims of the chupacabras were killed by coyotes or wolves or even bloodsucking bats, so far without success. Some locals has prefered the alien version or a demon from hell. On the Net it has even been suggested that El Chupacabra is really Bigfoot!
Rats would make a bit more sence wouldn't it? They've been around for way longer than the chupacabrasmyth, and they are quite good at making themselves invisible.

Even if these rats are bigger than normal ones, nobody can say for sure how big they can get. During the years there has been reports of extremely huge rats and some have been killed.


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