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KIL, SWEDEN, august 1997:

Aliens or pranksters?. When Göran Nordström, farmer in Kil, came to his fields to harvest his crops he discovered two mysterious circles. One big circle, ten meters across, surrounded by another, about one meter broad. "I don't really know what to tink. Since I'm being a practical man, I'm having a hard time believing in green men from Mars visiting, but I suppose I shouldn't swear on it."
The same type of patterns have been seen in fields in England, and nobody has been able to really explain them. Claes Svahn, chairman of Ufo-Sweden, and having cropcircles as his special interest, is sceptical to extra terrestrial activitys in this case. "We do get around ten reports of this kind of phenomena in Sweden each year," he sais. "In most cases there are humans behind it though. Pranksters, often kids looking for a laugh." Claes sais. "I happens to know two of te worlds best circlemakers. They are 70 years old and live in Southhampton, England. They've been at this for years and years, and actually view themselves as artists." According to Claes there has been cropcircles reported once before in this part of the country, quite close to Kil to. In 1995 in Fagerås a circle, 38 meters across, was found. "I'd assume it is the same people responsible on both occasions," Claes resumes.
(source: Värmlands Folkblad)

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