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Last updated: Tuesday, 11-nov-97 16:14 GMT

Weird Deaths!

Crocodile tears?...

Frans Holtzhauzen, a touristworker in Windhoek, Namibia, dissappeared on october 2:nd, when he was going for a swim on his 25th birthay. Namibian authoritys have now found him in the belly of a crocodile!

Act of God?

A 28-years old woman in Malmö, Sweden, was taking her dog for a walk on october 23d. As she was approaching her building on the way back home her 20 years older ex-husband suddenly jumped up from behind a busch. He was raving mad and he attacked her with a knife. He managed to cut her in the arm before he dropped dead at her feat. Turned out he had died from a heartattack.

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