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Stepping On Peoples Toes...

It looks like I've been stepping on quite a few peoples toes in the last couple of months... First I was accused of being a Satanist, or at least extremely anti-Christian. Then it was just the opposite. I got accused of being an extreme Christian.

In reality I'm neither. I believe people should have the right to any faith they choose - and to turn the cross any which way it pleases them. I'm not really anti anything except stupid and narrow-minded people who denies others the right to speak their minds. At this point I probably ought to point out that the above IS NOT referring to those Christians or Satanists I have been having discussions with on usenet and on mailing lists, and not those who have objected in a nice way to some of my writings by mail or on my message board Those guys have all been standing up for their faiths and opinions, and I respect that, even if I don't necessarily share them. No, the ones I was referring to are the cowards sending me anonymous threats etc. To those people I just want to say this: I'm not that easy to scare, and it's not that easy to be anonymous on the Net either. Some mails are quite easy to trace to an ISP even with forged headers..... not to mention the person who sent me this really rude mail in Swedish with his real address and everything. He probably thought I would post it, not knowing what it said. To bad I'm Swedish too, eh?
On the other hand I was prepared for some debate when I wrote about the Islamic exorcism, but the only reaction on that was a very nice mail from a Moslem who told me about the rules and regulations regarding exorcisms within his religion. I thought this was very interesting, since even though I'm quite familiar with exorcisms within the catholic church, I knew very little about the Moslem way. So before somebody accuses me of being this or that: The last couples of months I've been having friendly discussions with Christians, Satanists, Wiccans, Moslems and Jews. One of my absolute best friends is a Hindu, and I support the struggle for a free Tibet, so I'm not anti-Buddhists or anti-Hindus either.

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