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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Q: Why don't You update Your site anymore? You used to update every week, but now it's been over a month!
A: I know... I'm sorry!

Ladies and Gentlemen - my excuses for not keeping my site up to date:

For quite some time I had planned to install a second OS on my computer. I wanted to try out Linux but everyone told me it was really difficult to install it on a machine already running windows. Well I decided to try anyway - I mean how difficult can it be? Turned out it was a hassle after all, it wasn't Linux fault though, but the instructions I had were terrible, and actually wrong in several places. After a couple of hours it worked fine though. For about fifteen minutes and then my hard disc suddenly burned.

Next day school started. Yeah, that's right, even though I'm close to a geriatric I decided to go back to school. I'm studying computer science at the university, and I suppose You can see the irony in that. Computer science without a computer.

The weekend comes and so do my paycheck. I bought a new disc, so what's next? Well to start with it took me almost a week to get everything back into my computer and have it working the way it should. Then I was drowning in unread mail. I had over 5 Mb in my mailboxes (and to be honest, I'm not through it all yet!), and after digging for some time I found several mails saying part of my site was gone.

And true enough, Fortune City was gone, and all my pages on their server. Two days later I got a mail from them explaining that both their server AND the backup disc had crashed at the same time. This meant I had to upload all my stuff again.

Finally (?) Xoom invented this fancy ad bar which attaches on all pages on their server. At the same time they removed their space limit meaning every Xoom member now has unlimited space. The last part of this is of course just great, but the hatch is their programmers were too lazy to add a target tag on each link on this ad bar and used a base target tag instead which means that if an Xoom page is loaded in a frameset (and the top frameset isn't on Xoom) every link on that page will load in a new window instead of in the same frame. Messes up my frames for sure. I'm working on a way to solve this, but I'm not really sure how or when yet.

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