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Getting stinking RICH on the Net and other weirdness...

Hello again,
I don't feel so deranged this month. Maybe because it's summer. Yes, the sun is shining and it's hotter than h... even here in the north. I really should be out in the sun, or working on my motorcycle, or cleaning out my closet, or doing the dishes, or maybe go roller-skating... but here I am. My girlfriend is working and here I sit talking to You with the shades down so I can see the screen... maybe I am deranged after all?

Have You noticed lately how everybody is trying to sell You something wherever You go on the Net? Everyone promises to make You rich without any hassles as long as You sign up for this or that on their site. (Sure I want You to sign up for stuff too like my newsletter, my webring, my FREE email etc. - but hey, these thing are FREE, and I don't make money if You sign up, and neither will You. It's all for FUN!) Personally I think this moneymaking on the Net is SO stupid. You can't make money by surfing around and clicking banners. To make money something has to be produced. This could be a product, a service or an idea. The producer can earn money if somebody is willing to buy it. If You buy this at one prize and manages to sell it again to a higher prize, then You can make money to. If You have a good product for sale the Web can be used as a way to advertise it, and make potential customers know that the product exists and where to buy it. But clicking banners? I don't think so.

There are zillions of sites out there with no content whatsoever (and most of them even looks like s***t), except for about 200 banners each which will give the "webmaster" 5 cents IF somebody clicks it (and sometimes they have to make a purchase after clicking it). Sometimes the site owner makes another 5 cents if You sign up to sell the same clicks on your site. If this continues in the end everybody will be roaming the Net shuffling clicks around and actually moving their 5 cents between them. But does it generate any money? I still don't think so!

Another thing that really annoys me is all these companies spamming my mailboxes offering me to sell stuff from my site. I've had about a hundred of these offers in the last twelve months, asking me to sell everything from credit cards to sex toys. Of all of these "offers" 3 was interesting because: 1. they had actually visited my site and checked it out. 2. The products they offered was related to the general content of The Patrik Pages and 3. The products they offered was stuff I might consider buying myself.

So IF or when I put up a shopping mall, the things for sale will be on-topic and I will be doing it for fun and to add useful services to my visitors - NOT to get stinking' rich.
(Not that I would mind though...)

And now for something completely different...
Lately I've gotten lots of questions like "how did You do that?", "how did You get that script to work?" and "can I use that on my site?". The Patrik Pages isn't a HTML tutoring site, but as long as I have the time I will try to answer all of these questions, but please don't be pissed off if You don't get an answer or if it takes a long time!
   And for using my stuff: Go ahead and rip me off, but please link me if You do!

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