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God told me to do it!

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, august 1997:

The 19 years old boy was planning to dismember his classmate. Her bodyparts was to be put away in two large plasticbags. "God ordered me to kill her." he said to the police. A tragic ending was very close.
The 19 years old boy persueded a female classmate to come visit. A couple of days prior he had decided to murder the girl. "Such a person shall be given to Satan, so that her body despairs and she can be saved upon the last day!", he told in policehearings. Totally unsuspecting, the girl went to his home in Bredäng outside Stockholm, where she was attacked and overcome by the raging boy. He pressed her down on the floor and cut her throath whith a knife. The girl was praying for her life as he grabbed her throat and started choking her. At that moment the boys sister came home. This probably saved the girl as she managed to escape from the apartment. "It's more or less a miracle that she's still alive", Hans Strindlund, head of the local policedepartment tells newspaper Söder om Söder. "She is still feeling very bad about what happened and she has had to get into therapy.
During questioning, the boy claimed to have murdered before, and that he was very dissapointed with his failiure this time. "She was my most troublesome victim. If I have the chance, I will kill again".
The court decided he was suffering from a severe psychich disturbance and therefore he was sentenced to psychiatric confinement.
(source: Aftonbladet)

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