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Director: Joe Gayton, 1995
Cast: Lance Henriksen, John Diehl, Natasha Wagner, Dan Bloom, Claire Stansfield, Gregory Sporleder, Giovani Ribisi, John Apicella & Peter Shepherd
Producer: Jonathan Craven (also writer with Phil Mittleman)
Executive producer: Wes Craven

This guy has a serious accident in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately for him he is saved by a couple of scientists working on a top secret place in a mountain cave close by. The only way to save his life is to use this top secret drug they're working on. It has never been tested on humans before so of course something goes wrong. It turns out the drug they've been working on is some hormone stuff to turn people into "super soldiers".

One of the doctors does a little bit of experimenting on his own though, and injects this guy with way to much of the serum. Weird things starts to happen and the scientists calls in Frank Black of the FB...(sorry!) They call Henriksen who was one of the scientists who saved the guy but who has resigned from his job to spend some more time with his family. Henriksen is about to go camping with his family but naturally he has time to come over to help his buddies out - and of course he has to drag his family along! This guy they saved has healed and more... He turns into a super soldier but something seems to be very, very wrong with him. He turns into this parasite-creature and his tongue goes very weird. Something like that thing Marilyn Chambers had in her armpit in Rabid.

As soon as Henriksen and his family arrives they all get stuck underground with the "monster".......

It's not as bad as it sounds. (The movie I mean)

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