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Last updated: March-12-1998, 15:56 GMT

God Is Coming...March 31!

aiwaneese based UFO-cult, God's Salvation Church is waiting for the arrival of God. According to cultleader Hon-Ming Chen, this
event will take place in Garland, Texas, on March 31 at 10.00 at 3513 Ridgedale Drive.
Upon arriwal God will take human form in Chen's body. He will then be able to walk through walls, speak all languages and by cloning be able to duplicate into hundreds of thousands of copys of himself. March 25, which is the date of the Christian festival of the Annunciation, the holy day
God's Declaration
The declaration of God's arrival.
(photocredit: AP)
marking the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the archangel Gabriel that she would give birth to a a son named Jesus nine months later, will also, according to Chen, be the date of a special worldwide appearence by God on television.
This means that six days before his arrival to Earth God will appear on Channel 18 of every television set in the world.

Well, should God come it must be considered the biggest event of the year. some might even consider it the biggest event of the millennium, but what will happen if he does not show up? The people of Garland still have the 1993 tragedy of David Koresh's Branch Davidian cult outside Waco, not more than 100 miles away, in fresh memory, and the parallells between God's Salvation Church and Heaven's Gate are obvious.
The Prophet
The prophet Hon-Ming Chen, leader of God's Salvation Church.
(photocredit: AP)
Chen denies any member of the group plans to commit suicide, but would He openly admit it if they were?

Hon-Ming Chen, a 42-year-old former sociology professor, and about 150 of his followers (who all wear white joggingsuits, tennisshoes and white cowboyhats), decided to move their church to Garland in the summer of '97 because the name sounds like and means "God's Land". Chen claims shining, golden balls of light floated down from the sky and told him God was coming there. Members of the cult began leaving Taiwan for Southern California in 1995, worried about Chen's predictions of economic doom, natural disasters and nuclear war in Asia. This is supposed
to happen next year, and as Asia is devastated by nuclear war, Chen predicts that flying saucers will meet a circle of true believers in Gary, Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chen preaches that flying saucers will signal the unfolding of God's final chapter of human history.

Despite the worry of some locals, that God's Salvation Church might be planning a suicide ritual city officials and police say there's not much they can do. "They haven't done anything illegal - no wild parties, no late nights," sais Garland police spokesman Joel Bettes. "We've talked to the folks and they don't seem to be contemplating suicide, so we're going to do what everyone one else is going to do - wait and see."
However, God's Salvation Church came to the attention of authorities on December 24, 1997, when Sheriff's detectives went to investigate a Taiwanese woman's claim that her teenage daughter was kidnapped by her cult member uncle. While rescuing the girl at the church, detectives learned that the group was going to Garland, Texas, where they expected Christ to come down in a flying saucer to pick them up . They also found neatly packed backpacks with matching white clothing and tennisshoes for the members to take with them on their spacejourney, and Taiwanese media has reported that Hon-Ming Chen, is encouraging newcomers to kill themselves so their bodies could be picked up by flying saucers.

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