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Last updated: Wednesday, 1-oct-97 12:52 GMT

Gravevandals confess: "We did it for Satan!"

KARLSTAD, SWEDEN, september 12 1997:

Satanists destroyed 34 headstones and turned a number of crosses upside down on the old cemetery in Karlstad on the night between august 15 and 16. Two 17-year old men were apprehended three days later and both of them confessed to the police. One of the men openly admits being a "soldier in the army of Anti-Christ", and said that vandalising the cemetary was a religious act and an attack on christianity. The other one said he was drunk and was being led on by his friend. The estimated cost for tidying their mess up again is somewhere around 10.000 skr (about $1.250). "As far as we know, there is no organised group of satanists in Karlstad" sais policeofficer Rolf Sandberg "but it is under investigation". The two men has used internet to get in touch with other satanists, and they have also mentioned connections in Norway, among others Scandinavias most known satanist who uses the name "Greven". "When we arrested them they were wearing satanistsymbols on their clothes and we have found things in their homes supporting their claims to be devilworshippers", sais Rolf Sandberg. "Naturally, they have the right to have any believs they want, but when they take it out on other peoples religion it is both illegal and morally unjustifiable".

Both men were brought to trial and found guilty. One of them was also found guilty of driving a stolen car on the same night.

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