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It's A Weird World...

It's a weird world we live in, isn't it? If You're interested in strange phenomena's, mysterious creatures or just plain whackos, this is the place to look. Here the reports will be posted and hopefully also investigations. So join me in my exploration of this weird and wonderful planet.

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Just Plain Weird:

The dark side of the Teletubbies! - Cute furry creatures? They have already been accused of promoting drug abuse and "unnatural sexual behavior", and this year we saw the first death by "teletubbies"

Space Consul Wants Tax Exemption - claims diplomatic immunity since he works for aliens!

Weird Xmas gallery - Merry Xmas!

Weird Santa's - All over the world...

Miss Bizarre Bra 1998 !! - weird underwear

Kosher Coke And Holy Smoke? - Rabbi of the year charged for drugs.

Method Acting? - Learning how to act like a jailbird...

It's A Weird World - A monkey, A Lotto player and a fire-eating male stripper!

Dutch Farmer Fights Illegal Aliens! - Trying hard to prevent crop circles

Weird Deaths! - When your time is up...

• Police And Thieves... And Gorillas! - Don't go ape crazy on my turf!
• Six years old driver arrested by police!
• Alabama man shoots worlds biggest rat!

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Weird Science:

Missions To Mars - Will they make it? Will they survive? Some won't!

Designing a deep space UFO! - DIY, Do it Your self!

Toutatis - Errant wanderer that "misses" Earth every four years. Getting closer?

Chupacabra hunted by police in Chile - Chupacabra attacks on pets and livestock are rising in Chile!

Mozart vs. King - Sonata of the Century? - Do classical music increase our IQ? And what about horror stories?

Jurassic Park 4 real? - International team of scientists digging up frozen mammoth, possibly for cloning.

The Beast of Gevaudan - Cryptozoology Creature Feature from the past...

Yeti sighting! - American mountaineer meets the abominable snowman

Search for Norwegian lake monster - international expedition to find the Selfjordsvatnet monster

Eine Kleine Rat musik - Rats like Mozart?

• Cute guys stinks - But cute girls smells like roses?
• A Possible Explanation For El Chupacabra? - Some more goat, anyone?
• Killer Cat at large just outside Paris!

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Weird Weather / Earth Changes:

Today's Weather In Hell - as if You really want to know...

Just Plain Weird | Weird Science | Top of Page | Psycho Killers

Psycho Killers:

daeth - Posted on my BBS by self-alleged psycho killer (probably JUST psycho, I suspect though)

Seito Sakakibara - Japanese serial killer

Belgian House of Horrors! - Priest killed family an others...

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