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The Patrik Pages - An On-line journal of Unexplained, Paranormal, the Aliens and supernatural. Unexplained and the Weird. Unexplained

Welcome to The Patrik Pages website on The Unexplained. Just enter below and You will find all kinds of information on Unexplained Phenomenas and topics such as: The Paranormal, The Weird, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries etc.
Read all about Unexplained ecounters, investigations of the Unexplained as well as theories of the Unexplained Universe.
I have an extensive collection of links to all sorts of sites dedicated to exploring the Unexplained. There is also a BBS on Unexplained and Paranormal, where You can comment on my articles and/or submit your own Unexplained experiences. And don't forget to sign my "Unexplained" guestbook!
Enter the unexplained world of The Patrik Pages!

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