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alt.alien.wanderers: Re: current global changes

Newsgroups: alt.alien, alt.alien.research, alt.alien.visitors, alt.alien.wanderers, alt.aliens.imprisoned, alt.aliens.they-are-here,
Subject: Re: current global changes
From: "timtothy urner"
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 18:02:14 -0700

britain as a tropical island would be a vast improvement.

take the extra water from the north pole and water freakin' kenya and texas for cryin' out loud. these aren't disasters, they're opportunities!

Robert wrote in message ...
08/20/00 - Climate Alert for London
Britain faces the threat of becoming a tropical island with London a mangrove swamp unless urgent efforts are made to fight global warming, according to British researchers.

08/20/00 - Nairobi's taps run dry
The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, has been doing without the essentials of life recently.

08/20/00 - Grasshoppers Get Biblical on Texas Agriculture
DALLAS- Millions of grasshoppers are costing farmers and ranchers nearly $200 million in Texas alone this year as they devour valuable ranch and farmland.

08/20/00 - North Pole ice 'turns to water'
An American scientist says the ice cap at the North Pole has melted. Dr James McCarthy, an oceanographer, says he found a mile-wide stretch of open ocean on a recent trip to the pole.

08/20/00 - Endless Disasters Hitting Russia
MOSCOW (AP) - The loss of a Russian nuclear submarine is just one more catastrophe in a nation that has been transformed by years of decline and stagnation from a superpower into a technological junkyard.

08/20/00 - Fairly Strong Quake Shakes Japan
TOKYO (AP) - A fairly strong earthquake struck Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido early Sunday, the Meteorological Agency said. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

08/19/00 - Pollen levels tied to 'greenhouse' gas
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 - Allergy sufferers, beware: increased emissions of carbon dioxide, a key gas tied to global warming, means significantly more pollen, government research shows.

08/19/00 - A Study Finds Some Trees Thrive Under Greenhouse Effect
For four years now, scientists at Duke have inundated the forest with carbon dioxide in an effort to replace theory with hard facts about the impact of increased levels of carbon dioxide, produced primarily by the burning of fossil fuels.

08/19/00 - Scientists Say North Pole's Icecap Is Melting
NEW YORK, Aug. 19 - On a recent expedition from Norway to the North Pole, Paleontologist Malcolm McKenna, along with a group of scientists and tourists, found about a mile of open water right on the earth's crown.

08/19/00 - Retirees and College Students Battle Fires
Aug. 19 - Wildfires are raging so out of control in some Western states that firefighters are coming out of retirement to help battle the 94 blazes now burning on 1.1 million acres in 11 states.

08/18/00 - Bulgaria seeks foreign aid to cover fire damage
SOFIA (Reuters) - Bulgaria said Friday it had sought financial aid from the European Union to cover damages caused by more than 2,500 fires that raged across the Balkan country this summer.

08/18/00 - Ten die of disease in India's flood-hit Assam
GUWAHATI, India (Reuters) - At least 10 people have died from water-borne diseases in the flood-hit northeastern Indian state of Assam in the past week, triggering fears of an epidemic in the region, officials said Friday.

08/18/00 - Japan Hit by Quakes, Volcanic Eruption
Aug. 18, 2000 - Tokyo and several islands nearby were hit by three strong earthquakes and a volcanic eruption Friday. At least one person was injured, and falling rocks were reported to cause damage.

08/18/00 - Tropical Storm Chris forms in Atlantic
MIAMI, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Chris, the third of the Atlantic hurricane season, formed on Friday well east of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, the U.S. National Hurricane Centre said.

08/18/00 - Zimbabwe wildlife 'face disaster'
Zimbabwe's policy of redistributing land owned by white commercial farmers threatens "ecological disaster", according to an eminent conservationist.

08/18/00 - U.S. feels record heat first seven months of the year
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The average July temperature across the United States was nearly one-half degree above normal, making the first seven months of this year the hottest on record, U.S. government scientists said on Thursday.

08/18/00 - Venezuela suffers massive, nationwide power failure
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) _ A sudden, nationwide power failure in Venezuela Friday trapped people in elevators, shut down subway stations, and interrupted President Hugo Chavez in mid-sentence during a televised news conference.

08/18/00 - Storms pound Arizona
People in parts of Arizona spent Friday cleaning up after two rounds of powerful thunderstorms in two days.

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